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Why Buy vs. Lease?

No one can predict the future; however, if you look at the history of inflationary trends, it is easy to realize that rental rates will not come down. Tie this fact together with the complex procedure of lease renewals, escalation clauses, and legal loopholes and you have the nightmares of Do's and Don'ts that intimidate most of us.

Why not find a permanent solution that will eliminate this headache? Ken DeFoor Properties can provide the answer and show you a better way. Here are some benefits to investing in office ownership.

  • — Your Mortgage Payment is often less expensive than rent at today's rate.
  • — No rent increases or lease renewal hassles.
  • — Add a major asset to your balance sheet.
  • — Your property will appreciate in value over time.
  • — Tax breaks, deductible Mortgage Interest and Depreciation.
  • — Owners of a KDP property share business and referral networks.
  • — Amenities can be added to accommodate your company's specific needs.
  • — Enjoy partnership participation in the management and maintenance of the complex and grounds.
  • — Improvement expenses can be recaptured at sale of property rather than lost when renting offices.
  • — You have the freedom to customize your space without sacrificing your investment.
  • — Your company not only owns your office building, but also a proportional share of the land.

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